You and your business : Van theft – what can you do?

For tradespeople, a van is more than a way of getting from A to B; without it, you simply can’t do your job. Unfortunately, van crime – the theft of or from a van – is on the rise and a simple Google search will show dozens of tradespeople reporting van crime every day.

If you’re self-employed, no van can mean no income, so here we’ve come up with a few pieces of advice on how you can avoid becoming a victim of this epidemic.

Triple check it’s locked

It may seem obvious, but after a long day it can be easy to walk away from your van without locking it. Even if you’re only popping into a merchant for five minutes, make sure it’s locked. This is especially important as, if it is discovered you didn’t lock your vehicle, your insurance may be void meaning you can’t claim back on anything that was taken.

Get insurance

Speaking of insurance, make sure you have the relevant level of cover to keep yourself protected in the event of a break in. Spending a little extra on a fully comprehensive policy will save you a lot of money if you are the victim of crime. If you deliver any products, make sure you have Goods in Transit cover too as this won’t be covered under a normal insurance policy.

Don’t leave valuables on display

Don’t make your dashboard a shop window for thieves. Always keep your wallet, phone, sat nav and any expensive tools out of sight and bring them into the house overnight. A thief won’t think twice about smashing a window for an expensive phone, so not only have you lost an expensive piece of equipment crucial to your job, you’ll have the inconvenience of replacing a broken window.

Invest in a tracker

If your van does get taken, having a tracker will increase your chances of getting your vehicle, and its belongings back. There are plenty of suppliers that can provide, and install a tracker, which you can monitor from an app, such as Tracker Fit.

If you do get a notification that your van has been stolen, always hand this information over to the police and never try to peruse the perpetrator yourself.

Added Extras

There are plenty of extra security measures you can take that will not cost the earth. Remember steering locks? Yep, they still exist. Simply having one on your van can deter thieves.

Installing a motion detector light outside your home also really helps in the fight against van crime – there’s nothing more off-putting to a criminal that 160 lumens highlighting their unlawful activities.

If you have any extra advice, share with our readers in the comments below!

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