Is it all brews and banter? What does the average day look like for a tradesperson?

We speak with tradespeople on a daily basis, whether it’s our technical team advising on installation techniques or our trade counter staff helping with product spec information, working with installers forms the backbone of everything we do. We’re passionate about encouraging young people to enter the construction industry and we want to share what a rewarding and varied job this can be. With this in mind, we spoke to Eurocell Champion, Chris Smith of HomeBright, to find out what his typical day looks like:


First of all, I wake up and get dressed! Then I’ll have breakfast so I can last working straight through until lunch time. I’ll go and collect my fitter’s mate, the person who will assist with any installations I work on and then we’ll make our way to site.


When we get to site, often the products we require have already been delivered by Eurocell. We tend to order in advance and get them delivered to site when we need them. This means we don’t have too many products in our vans at once. With van theft on the rise at the moment, this is a key concern of ours. It can also decrease delivery time and frees the van up to bring our tools.


Once we’ve got everything set up, we’ll check all the products we’ve had delivered and make sure all components are there, then it’s time to set ourselves some goals. We work towards targets to ensure we don’t delay projects and everything is completed in a timely manner. We’ll then begin the actual labour. For an Equinox installation, for example, we’ll begin by removing the old roof and prepping for the installation of the new one. We’ll then work on installing the Equinox, with the goal of getting it water tight by lunchtime. This means that if the weather changes in the afternoon, we don’t need to worry about rainwater entering the property.


As the Project Manager at HomeBright, I will then go out to quote for new jobs, leaving the rest of the team to carry on with the work. I’ll visit a property, measure up a project and talk to the customer about what their needs are. I’ll discuss the products that would work best for them and make recommendations. Once they’re happy with the suggestions, I’ll book in a time for installation to suit them.


We’ll make a quick stop for lunch to refuel for the afternoon and make sure we’re on target for the day.


Then we’re back to site at the Equinox installation, we’ll have made sure the roof is fully felted in the morning and will spend the afternoon adding the tiles and finishing touches to the roof. If we still have work to do on the property, we’ll make sure dust sheets are laid down and will update the customer on our progress and plans for the next day. If the job has been completed, we’ll talk the customer through everything we’ve done and how to best maintain the product. We’ll make sure the customer is 100% happy with the work before we leave. This is very important to us as the business has grown from strength-to-strength thanks to our customer satisfaction, feedback and recommendation.


Home time! Dependent on the time of year, we’ll work as much as the natural light will allow, so this can be any time from 4pm until 7pm. After a long day, I’ll rest up and start prepping for the next few days work. This might mean looking at weather reports to make sure we can work in the conditions and ordering products for upcoming jobs. Luckily, I love planning!

What does your day look like? We’d love to hear from more installers about how you go about your day-to-day life. Let us know in the comments below!

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