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Price increases 2022

Dear Customer,

Price increases PVC, aluminium, and steel from 1st February 2022.

We wanted to write to you as early as possible, to provide details of price increases and changes to the PVC surcharges for 2022, as well as increases in steel and aluminium. All the changes below will be from 1st February.

1. PVC Products

There has been a structural change in resin and other raw material prices, which is reflected in the increase. There will be a combination of a price increase and a continuation of the surcharge, but the surcharge will be at a lower level. From 1st February, the current surcharge of 23% will be removed and the increase on our PVC products will be as follows:

Price increase (in the ranges detailed below) 14%
Surcharge on PVC 15%

We recognise the need for you to provide your customers with price stability, so our intention is not to increase surcharges from the 15% level until at least the end of March, unless there is a significant resin movement that could not have been foreseen. The rationale for retaining a significant surcharge is that we believe the price of resin will reduce at some point in 2022, which will allow us to proportionately reduce the surcharge.

The price increase and surcharge are to be applied to the following ranges: Logik, Modus, Charisma VS, Syncro patio, Aspect bi fold, Composite door frame, Thermal inserts, PVC associated with conservatory roofs and Skypod.

2. Cavalok

A price increase of 6% on existing prices from 1st February across the whole range.

3. Steel

A price increase of 8.5% from 1st February. The prices Eurocell pays are being increased from 1st January, so we are absorbing this increase for a month, to line up the overall increase with the PVC changes. List prices will be increased, with discounts staying the same. Any net prices on the system will be increased 8.5%.

4. Aluminium

We have seen the most significant increase in aluminium, reflecting much higher costs for Q1 2022 compared to Spring 2021, when we locked-in most of this year’s material. The billet conversion premium (the price our converters pay smelters for aluminium bars that make our product) has risen significantly, reflecting strong demand, rising energy and freight costs and anti-dumping tariffs.

We recognise what an impact this is likely to have on the costs of roofs, so we are splitting the aluminium increases as follows:

i)Delay the implementation of the increase to 1st February 2022 for all aluminium, although Eurocell is incurring the higher costs from 1st January
ii)Aluminium for window and door ranges will go up by 45% from 1st February. Although this is a high number, the impact on finished windows / doors is relatively low
iii)Increase aluminium prices for roofing products (conservatory roofs, Skypod and Equinox) by 25% from 1st February. We have delayed the implementation, as for many fabricators, the date for fitting roofs is March / April, which will leave them exposed. Furthermore, we have reduced the overall increase to take some of the impact off the finished roof cost

Our aluminium suppliers will not commit to prices for Q2 2022. As such, we will write to you again in mid-February to confirm pricing levels from 1st April 2022

5. Roof kits

The POA quotes for conservatory roofs and the pricing matrices for Skypod and Equinox will be updated to take account of the aluminium, PVC, steel increases as well as other products. The aluminium increase within the price will be 25%, alongside the bar length products from 1st February.

Please be mindful that quotes are for acceptance for 28 days. If your customers will be taking the roofs in a number of month’s time, then you will need to factor in the increases.

6. Slateskin

Increase 10%

7. Studioglide

Studioglide increases will be as follows from 1st February: Aluminium 35%, Hardware 8%, Ancillaries 10%

In summary, we wanted to provide advance notice of the steel and aluminium increases, so you have 2 months to prepare. By delaying the implementation and not passing on the full aluminium increase on roofing products, we hope that we have demonstrated that we are looking to work with our customers to absorb some of the increases.
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