April Profiles surcharge

Dear Customer,

8th April 2022

Implementation of a further surcharge of 7% on PVC profiles from the 11th April – total  surcharge 22%


 It is unfortunate that we are having to write to you to inform of more price increases, although we doubt that it will be a surprise that the recent surge in oil and gas prices are feeding into the resin market.


The volatility of the market and the speed plus scale of the change has blindsided everyone but our major resin supplier is implementing surcharges and rises from this Monday and then reviewing on a weekly basis.


We are seeing huge rises in all our raw material costs but are trying to ride those out but large rises in resin costs simply have to be shared.


Over the last year, Europe ( including the UK ) has gone from being one of the lowest price markets for resin to one of the most expensive and this is starting to attract a lot of imports. As the import levels grow and demand faulters due to cost inflation, over-capacity will force pricing to reduce but probably not until Qtr. 3.


In the meantime we have no choice but to accept an increase from the resin houses and will be passing on 7% by way of surcharge from Monday  11th April.  This is on PVC only (including conservatory and ancillaries - but excluding Cavalok products).  To try and give you a level of stability our intention is to review this on a monthly rather than weekly basis.  We will do everything we can to mitigate these surcharges.


I look forward to updating you with more positive news as soon as it is available and thank you for your continued support.

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