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9 reasons why Anglia Roofline uses Eurocell products

20 December 2022

Since 2007, Norfolk-based UPVC roofline replacement specialists Anglia Roofline has relied exclusively on Eurocell’s high-quality roofline products.

Simon Steward, Anglia Roofline managing director, says: “We’ve been using Eurocell products on all our roofline installations for the last 15 years. The quality of Eurocell products has been integral to the success of our company, supplying good quality products to our customers that helps us to maintain our own excellent reputation.”

Here are nine reasons why Anglia Roofline continues to trust in Eurocell for all its roofline supplies.

  1. 20-year guarantees. All Eurocell’s white UPVC roofline products are guaranteed for 20 years. Our coloured products are guaranteed for 10 years. These long-term warranties provide instant reassurance and instil confidence in the product.
  2. Easy product sourcing. With multiple Eurocell stores in Norfolk, Anglia Roofline knows it can always find what it needs in a fast, convenient manner.
  3. Reliable deliveries. When projects are progressing at speed, Anglia Roofline rests easy on the knowledge that Eurocell can deliver at speed. Materials are on site and ready to go first thing in the morning.
  4. Well trained staff. If Anglia Roofline ever has questions about our UPVC roofline products, our trained staff are on hand to provide all the help and advice needed.
  5. Competitive prices. Quality products at good value for money: that’s a combination that’s guaranteed with Eurocell. So Anglia Roofline’s procurement staff don’t have to spend hours trying to source the best possible deal across the market. Because they’ve already got it.
  6. First-class materials. Because of the quality of our UPVC roofline products, Anglia Roofline is less likely to receive service calls from its customers – keeping everyone happy and giving everyone an easier life.
  7. Straightforward invoicing. Easy-to-calculate material prices makes quoting for jobs easier.
  8. Accountability. Because Eurocell extrudes the plastic from powder form, we can quickly track back on any issues to the original batch.
  9. Customer feedback. Anglia Roofline’s customers regularly comment on how impressed they are with the quality of our roofline supplies. Here are just two examples:


Anglia Roofline was established by Simon Steward in 2003. It prides itself on using the best possible UPVC roofline products for each of its projects. Eurocell has been Anglia Roofline’s supplier since it opened stores in Norfolk in 2007. View the Eurocell UPVC roofline range here.


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