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You’re never far from our expert advice and huge range of 6000+ products, plus thousands more made-to-order.

50 years in the trade

For five decades, we’ve served fabricators, installers, and specifiers across the UK.

Leading the field in sustainability

Last year we recycled 3,000,000 window frames, showing our commitment to sustainable home improvement.

Unrivalled choice of Profile Systems 

We offer our fabricators the widest range of systems in the UK and the technical support to back it up.


The Details: Our Recycling Process

Here at Eurocell we recognise that recycling plays a significant role in making the industry more sustainable. That’s why Eurocell Recycle has been deliberately designed to contribute to the three pillars of sustainability.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability

  1. Environmental sustainability is assured in several ways, including forklift trucks that run on Calor’s BioLPG (which is 40% renewable) and our alignment with Operation Clean Sweep, the global initiative to stop plastic pellets, flakes and powders entering the environment – including streams, rivers, and oceans.
  2. Social sustainability is delivered through our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing. A safety-first approach and MIND toolkits help to protect both our physical and mental health. We have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, a commitment to equal opportunities, and provide a platform for employees to raise any concerns they have.
  3. Economic sustainability is attained through our modern, agile training and development for all staff. We always pair fair wages, pay suppliers promptly, and contribute to the local economy wherever we can.

Recycling centre locations

Two purpose-built centres handle all Eurocell recycling. Our site in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, has been open since 1995. In 2018, we expanded with the acquisition of Ecoplas in Selby, Yorkshire. Combined, these two sites process the PVC-U waste management of all our UK customers. We’re proud to have one of the most innovative and advanced recycling systems in the country.

Quality control in PVC-U recycled products

From raw materials through to the finished product, our robust testing regimes ensure world-beating quality control (less than 1% return-to-site ratio). Eurocell Recycle offers:

  • Advice and support
  • Client specifications
  • Full traceability
  • L.A.B. values
  • Product analysis
  • Unique product code system

Metal detection, visual inspections, sieve analyses, bulk density measurements, moisture testing, and a mini lab extruder guarantee customer product criteria.

Commercial contracts

Prevent post-consumer windows and doors going to landfill with a Eurocell Recycle commercial contract. We work with commercial, refurbishment and social housing partners to ensure old PVC-U frames are recycled and reused, providing a proven structure and full traceability documents for all PVC-U waste removal projects.

  • Guaranteed compliance with ICE protocol
  • National collection service
  • Dedicated project account managers
  • Weekly procurement team contact

Eurocell is committed to the VinylPlus charter 

Better for business

Teaming with Eurocell Recycle provides a comprehensive range of benefits.

  • Less hassle (we’ll collect as little as 30 window frames)
  • Peace of mind from compliance with Environment Agency regulations
  • National coverage, collecting from across the country
  • Reliable collections and proactive communication
  • Significant cost savings over running skips
  • Free trial service for new customers
  • True sustainability with our pioneering closed-loop recycling system

Post-Industrial Waste

As well as post-consumer waste, our sites are also equipped to process post-industrial PVC-U waste. So factory offcuts, damaged items and waste from test runs can also now be reused in our manufacturing process - making our products even more sustainable.

Waste Management

Avoid the hassle, admin and regulatory complexity now associated with business waste management by using Eurocell's trusted waste management service. For more than 15 years, we've served the UK's manufacturing community with safe, secure and sustainable waste management. Engage with our expert team and you will:

  • Contribute to the closed loop economy
  • Improve the sustainability of your manufacturing processes
  • Avoid landfill taxes
  • Receive payment from us for your waste UPVC frames

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