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Composite Fencing

Revamp your outdoor space with Eurocell's Composite Fencing—visually striking and tougher than wood. No rotting, no splintering. Enjoy low maintenance, a 20-year warranty, and free delivery options available. Explore sleek colors and easy installation with our three ranges of composite fence panels.

Why choose composite plastic fencing panels?

Lightweight construction makes shipping and handling a breeze. But there’s no compromise on strength. Composite fencing lasts far longer than traditional wood and fits into existing concrete fence posts.

  • Available in various colours
  • Manufactured from at least 75% recycled material
  • Simple tongue-and-groove fitting
  • No rotting or splinters
  • 20-year guarantee
  • No painting or staining

Basic requirements

All fence posts are 2.4m in height and can be cut as required or buried in soft ground. All composite fences require:

  • Steel post mounts (if installing on to concrete ground)
  • A trench of at least 60cm to bury the fence’s base and ensure it is firmly rooted (if installing on soft ground)
  • Stepped or level ground (no slopes)


Eco fence Panels

Manufactured from 75% recycled materials, Eco fencing is the easy way to give your garden a boost – as well as the planet. The unique finish blends in perfectly with the natural beauty of the great outdoors. But it’s also incredibly strong, guaranteeing you long-lasting performance as well as enduring good looks. 

  • Real wood look
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Save time and money
  • 20-year guarantee
  • No painting or staining

Perfect for retrofits

If your timber fence panels are starting to rot, Eco fencing is designed to fit perfectly into existing concrete posts. Simply remove the old timber panels, trim the eco panels (if necessary), and stack until you’ve reached your desired height. You can even add a convex top for extra height and style.

Basic requirements for WPC composite fencing

  • All fence posts are 2.4m in height and can be cut to the size required. If you are installing the fence onto concrete ground such as a driveway then the steel post mounts are required.
  • Soft ground is required to give adjustable depth for the post to be manipulated to the desired height.
  • When preparing the groundwork for the installation of the fence, you must ensure that the ground is as level as possible.
  • If the fencing is to be built on a slope, requirements must be made to the groundwork to ensure the fencing goes up in steps. There is no gravel board that requires burying in the ground. Therefore the ground needs to be level.
  • Panels are 150mm x 21mm x 1.77m tongue and groove. The first panel will sit on the bottom rail, panels will then stack one on top of the next to the desired height. To ensure that the fence is rooted strongly enough, bury it at least 60cm in to the ground.

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Composite Fencing FAQs

At Eurocell, we’re always happy to help. Check these FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about decking, fencing or balustrades. We’ve listened to your most popular queries and gathered some helpful links and information. If your question remains unanswered, contact us today and one of our experts will give you everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is composite fencing?
Fencing is a sleek, modern alternative to traditional wooden fencing. It lasts longer, looks better, and does not rot or splinter.
What is composite fencing made of?
Our composite fencing is made from 75% recycled material, so any installation is helping to protect the world’s natural resources and sustain the environment.
Can composite fencing be retro-fitted with existing concrete posts?
Yes, composite fencing can either be retro-fitted between existing concrete fence posts or used in a fully composite system. Our composite fencing is available in five colours: Charcoal, Walnut, Graphite, Cedar, and Antique.
What size is composite fencing?
Each composite fencing panel is 150mm x 21mm x 1.77m tongue and groove.
Is composite fencing strong?
Yes, composite fencing is very strong. It has a much greater tensile strength than traditional wood and will even flex in strong winds.
How much maintenance is needed with composite fencing?
Almost none. Composite fencing is tough and hard-wearing. It requires no painting or regular maintenance, which is in direct contrast with old timber panels. The 10-year maintenance costs for timber panels can run into several hundred pounds, plus countless hours painting or staining. New composite fencing, on the other hand, has a typical 10-year maintenance cost of £0.00.
How versatile is composite fencing?
Very. Composite fencing posts and gravel boards can also be used in conjunction with wooden panels.
Can composite fencing be cut with a handsaw?
Yes. Composite fencing is easy to cut, lightweight (making it easy to handle and transport), and it accepts screws. So your fence can be installed into the exact position you need.
What size is composite eco fencing?
Each composite eco fencing panel is 300mm x 52mm x 1.828m.
Does composite eco fencing look good?
Yes. Our Wood-Grain eco fencing has all the aesthetic appeal of natural wood. Our full range of products includes eco fencing posts, shaped tops, eco gates, decorative caps, and anti-theft clips. So your garden perimeter will always look fantastic.

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