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Transforming Conservatories with Eurocell’s EurXtension

21 August 2023

How we transformed Alex and Lisa's unusable conservatory into a fantastic room that looks and feels like part of their home

The problem:

Alex and Lisa had an old conservatory they could only use during spring because it was too hot in summer and cold, damp, and mouldy in winter. They wanted an energy-efficient room to use all year round. They chose the EurXtension system because it used their existing conservatory base to save unnecessary time and expense. They were also impressed by the level of insulation in the walls and roof and knew that would help keep their energy bills down.

The design and ordering process:

Our improved installers visited Alex and Lisa's home to conduct a site survey and design their EurXtension with them. Lisa said,

"The whole process of ordering our EurXtension was really easy and smooth from start to finish, with plenty of support from trained Eurocell staff. We even received a drawing of what the finished extension would look like, which was amazingly accurate."

Their only concern was whether the brick-slip panels would match the bricks on their home. But Alex said,

"We needn't have worried because they look identical to the original bricks. They all line up and look like they've always been there."

"The builders were great. There was minimal disruption and mess,considering we had to live there while the work was carried out."

The build:

Once the order was placed and the building components were manufactured, we set to work on the build. The old conservatory was dismantled within hours. And the PVC, plus the old dwarf wall bricks, went straight into the recycling skip with minimal mess. The extension was up and watertight within two days. And the complete build, including the interior electrics and plastering, took around 10 days. Alex said,

"The builders were great. There was minimal disruption and mess,

considering we had to live there while the work was carried out."

Watch the Time Lapse of Alex and Lisa's EurXtension build

The results:

Alex and Lisa now have a beautiful new room that's noticeably warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They love throwing open the doors to enjoy barbecues in the summer and just sitting down and chilling out after a long day. Lisa said,

"The end results are amazing! We now have an additional family room that's a pleasure to be in. We would recommend EurXtension to anybody considering it as an option."

And the added bonus!:

We asked an independent estate agent to value Alex and Lisa's home before and after the work. There was a 10% increase in its value. We also took temperature readings across a week prior to the new extension and again post the build, and we measured the property to be twice as warm.

Added value: 

Home value:

Before: £270k - £280k

After: £305k - 315k

Measured weekly temperature:

Average Before: 2.3°

Average After: 4.7°

Conclusion: The EurXtension system transformed Alex and Lisa's unusable conservatory into a comfortable, energy-efficient space that they can enjoy all year round. The process was smooth, the results were impressive, and the added value to their home was a welcome bonus.

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