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Clash of the Claddings: Internal Panels vs Traditional Tiles for Modern Bathroom

8 February 2023

When it comes to fitting a modern bathroom, style and functionality are both essential. Bathroom tiles have traditionally been the obvious choice to complete bath and shower areas. But today, a better option might be emerging. In this article, we’ll examine whether internal cladding panels are now the best choice for outstanding bathroom renovations.

Cladding panels vs tiles: what’s the difference?


Traditional bathroom tiles are made from either ceramic or porcelain. They are affixed to the wall or floor with adhesive, need to be equally spaced with tile spacers, and then grout is used to fill in the gaps. They can break easily when being handled or transported.

UPVC internal cladding panels are a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional tiles. They are easy to handle, with no grout or spacers needed in the installation process. They are larger than traditional tiles, meaning fewer panels have to be fitted to complete the job and a specialist tool is not needed to cut them to size.

The benefits of internal cladding panels

Internal cladding panels are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the UK because they offer several distinct advantages over traditional tiles. Compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles, internal cladding panels are:

  • Cheaper, both in direct material costs and in installation costs (no grout or specialist tradesmen required), making them ideal for rental and commercial properties.
  • Easier to clean, with bacteria and stain resistance built in and mould resistance also a common feature. A simple wipe with warm, soapy water will keep most internal cladding panels looking pristine. Plus, there are no grout lines (which can often result in mould) to keep clean.
  • Quicker to install, with the added benefit that they can be fitted directly over existing tiles if you are revamping an existing bathroom.


Which are the best internal cladding panels?

All Eurocell internal cladding boards come with a minimum five-year (domestic) warranty. Durable and water resistant, they’re all manufactured to the highest UK standards and can be collected from any of our national network of branches. Our most popular options are:

  • UPVC decorative cladding, which comes in several versatile ranges that are quick and easy to install while still being resilient to knocks and scrapes.
  • UPVC hygienic wall cladding, which is virtually maintenance free and offers complete protection in almost any bathroom or kitchen.
  • Bathroom wall cladding, which offers complete peace of mind through our 100% waterproof Splashpanel range. It is bacteria, stain, and mould resistant.

Eurocell’s internal cladding panels are the perfect solution for fast, stylish and low-maintenance bathrooms. Browse our range and buy online today.


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