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UPVC Skirting Boards

Say goodbye to sanding, painting, and everyday knocks and scuffs. Installing Roomline UPVC skirting boards is easy and quick (half the speed of traditional skirting boards), but the results are long-lasting. Contemporary Chamfered provides a modern aesthetic. For more traditional properties, Classic Ogee fits the bill. Every option is laminated, scratch resistant, and made from 100% recycled materials. 

White UPVC Skirting board in houseWhite UPVC Skirting board in house

Shop our Skirting Board colour options

White Skirting Boards Grey Skirting Boards Brown Skirting Boards

Skirting Board Benefits

10-year guarantee

Easy to fit

Fully sustainable

No painting 

Reduce DIY with UPVC skirting boards

Fitting new skirting boards can be a genuine chore. There’s the sanding. The painting. The doing it all again when you make a mistake. With UPVC skirting boards, those hassles disappear. No sanding, no painting, and no stress. Simply measure, cut, slot together, and admire – for many years to come.

Plastic skirting boards are easy to keep clean

Marks and stains can be wiped clean with very little effort, so fitting plastic skirting boards and architrave in your home means one less thing to worry about. In most cases, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will do the job. A non-abrasive cream cleaner like SilverSil Cream Cleaner can help with more stubborn stains.

The skirting boards and architrave that are easy to install

Not only does Roomline signal the end to the task of painting skirting boards and architraves, it's also easy to install. With it's brilliant moulded internal and external corners Roomline simply slots together perfectly, meaning an end to the messy miters and dodgy joints of traditional MDF corners.

Have a look at our helpful fitting guide here demonstrating how quick and easy Roomline is to install.

  • Chamfered Skirting board: 100mm high x 15mm deep x 5m long 150mm high x 15mm deep x 5m long
  • Ogee Skirting Board: 100mm x 15mm deep x 5m long

Contemporary Chamfered

Classic Ogee

The right solution for everyone

Whether you’re a housebuilder with a major project on the table, a housing association managing a number of properties or a homeowner redecorating a room or two, Roomline PVC-U skirting boards and architraves are the ultimate hassle-free solution. So if you want to drastically cut installation times and eliminate the bother of maintenance, look no further!

Fitted in half the time

With the easy-fit Roomline system, lengths of skirting board are simply slotted together – and pre-moulded corner pieces mean there’s no need for mitring. Architraves are supplied in single door kits, with pre-moulded corner pieces to neaten up any joints. Both architraves and skirting boards are glued in place using readily available adhesives, with no need for nails or screws. By saving all the time you’d spend installing and painting traditional timber, you’ll get the job done up to 50% faster.

Simple slot together system - Simply glue the external and internal corner pieces into place for an easy, no hassle installation.

One less DIY chore to worry about

If you’re a homeowner, we don’t need to tell you how time-consuming and awkward it is to have to sand and paint skirting boards and architraves. With the PVC-U Roomline range, it’s a job you’ll never have to do again. What’s more, your skirting boards and architraves will stay looking clean and fresh for life. Simply wipe away any marks or stains in seconds, leaving your room trims looking as good as the day you fitted them.

Never sand, paint or treat again

Eurocell's Roomline UPVC skirting boards and architraves are available in white and grey. These maintenance-free skirting boards require no sanding, painting, or treatment, remaining bright and fresh year after year. With a discreet rubber gasket along the bottom edge, they reduce drafts and contribute to energy savings. Say goodbye to messy redecorating and enjoy the durability and seamless style of Eurocells Roomline white UPVC skirting boards or grey UPVC skirting boards for a hassle-free and visually appealing solution.

Reduced risk of flood damage

If you live in an area affected by flooding you'll know that the Home Owners Alliance recommend the installation of plastic skirting boards to help 'flood proof' your home. With figures from The Environment Agency predicting that flooding will become increasingly prevalent in the future, as climate change continues, it’s reassuring to know that products such as Roomline UPVC skirting boards and architrave help you protect the home you love without compromising on style or cost.

UPVC Skirting Board FAQs

At Eurocell, we’re always happy to help. Check these FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about skirting boards. We’ve listened to your most popular queries and gathered some helpful links and information. If your question remains unanswered, contact us today and one of our experts will give you everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
What size(s) is UPVC skirting board?
Roomline skirting boards are sold in 5m lengths. You can choose a height of either 100mm or 150mm. Your final decision is likely to be impacted by the style of the room in which you’re fitting your plastic skirting board.
What size(s) is the UPVC architrave?
Roomline architrave is available in 5.5m lengths with a height of 60mm. The DIY single door kit pack contains smaller lengths of 2.6m and 1.05m. (These lengths are not available to buy separately).
In which colours is Roomline UPVC skirting board available?
Our plastic skirting boards are available in three enduringly stylish colours: White Satin, English Oak, and Anthracite Grey. So whether you’re looking to fit skirting in a traditional country cottage or a modern, fully-equipped new build, we’ve got the style for you.
Can you paint skirting boards?
No. The beauty of our Roomline UPVC skirting boards is that they require no painting whatsoever. That makes installation faster than ever. All you have to do is choose the style and colour that best suits your needs.
How much does skirting board cost?
The final cost depends on the style and quantity you need. Browse our full range to see the exact skirting board costs you’ll face for your next project.
What length does skirting board come in?
Roomline skirting boards are available in 5m lengths, with a height of 100mm or 150mm, depending on the style.
Where can I buy Roomline UPVC skirting and architraves?
All of our nationwide Eurocell branches stock Roomline UPVC skirting boards and architrave. You can visit any store or shop online with the option of either on-site delivery or click-and-collect.
Do you deliver plastic skirting boards?
Yes. Any order over £50 qualifies for free delivery across mainland England, Scotland, and Wales.
How do I install Roomline plastic skirting boards?
We always recommend you using Silversil Never Nails or standard building adhesives, both of which are available from your local Eurocell branch or through our online shop. Fix All High Tack is perfect for guaranteeing a superior performance.
Can I start installing my plastic skirting boards from anywhere in the room?
No. Fitting Roomline UPVC skirting boards always follows the same pattern: start at the door opening and work around the room in a clockwise direction.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or carpet first?
In any room where you plan to install a carpet, you should always install your UPVC skirting boards first. However, if the room already has a carpet fitted and you are simply looking to replace wooden skirting boards with new plastic skirting boards, don’t worry. Roomline skirting boards can be fitted over an existing carpet.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or laminate first?
If you’re planning to lay a new laminate or tiled floor, do this before you fit your Roomline skirting boards.
How do I fix the jointing pieces in UPVC skirting boards?
There’s nothing too complicated about this. Just use Eurocell superglue to fix the jointing pieces and you shouldn’t have any problems in the future.
Will I need a mitre block when I install plastic skirting boards?
Yes - but only to mitre the architraves. UPVC skirting boards don’t need a mitre block. Check your local Eurocell branch, or browse our online store, to find a suitable mitre block.
Do I need any special tools to fit UPVC skirting boards?
No. All you need is a pencil, saw, mitre saw and block, tape measure, contact adhesive, application gun, a fine-toothed saw.
Can UPVC skirting boards hide cables?
Yes. The gasket on the bottom of Roomline skirting boards can hide low voltage speaker cables and telephone wires.
How do I clean skirting boards?
Our UPVC skirting boards are cleaned with nothing more than warm water and a cloth or sponge. 
How do I clean plastic skirting boards and architrave?
Roomline skirting boards and architrave are very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth. Simply wipe the boards and admire the finish. For stubborn marks, use a non-abrasive cream cleaner to help. We recommend SilverSil Cream Cleaner. Using chemical-based cleaners or abrasive materials is NOT recommended.
Are 135- or 150-degree angle jointing pieces available to buy?
No. You will need to mitre your Roomline skirting boards to achieve these angles. Mitre blocks are available from your local Eurocell branch.
How do I cut skirting boards?
Simply use a standard mitre saw to guarantee a clean finish at every cutting point.

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