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Too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Here’s the solution

Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. But as the seasons roll by, changing temperatures can make it uncomfortable to be in – too hot in summer and too cold in the winter months.

The Equinox tiled roof is the perfect solution. Combining highquality precision engineering with attractive styling inside and out, you’ll be adding valuable extra usable space to your home without the high cost of building an extension. It all goes to make the Equinox tiled roof the best value way to improve your lifestyle.

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Why choose Equinox?

Variable or fixed pitch options
Greater structural strength
Easy and quick installation in 2 days*
Better value than ever

U-values as low as 0.15
5° pitch for lean-to’s
LABC/LABSS certified

A space to enjoy all year round

Enjoy your conservatory all year round with an Equinox tiled conservatory roof. With a tiled roof, you can use your conservatory whatever the weather – because it won’t become too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Thanks to the new Equinox system, you can turn your extra space into an integral part of your house, while still enjoying the added light a conservatory provides.

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A space to enjoy all year round

The difference is night & day

The sustainable choice

When paired with the new Envirotile system, our precision manufactured recycled polymer tile with excellent green credentials you can have a solid tiled roof solution with reduced environmental impact. Made in the United Kingdom with 75% recycled content, Envirotile is the sustainable choice and the lightweight composition means you can have your roof transformed in less time too.

Light up your world

The new soffit eave option allows for a traditional overhang soffit appearance to match your property for a seamless integration. You can also add external downlighter to enhance and highlight your conservatory. The lights can be installed as either a cool or warm white and can be specified with a twilight sensor, turning the lights on automatically as natural light fades.

Complete installation in 48 hours

A hassle-free solution

This advanced premium-quality roof system has been designed for straightforward hassle-free installation onto your existing conservatory, so you can look forward to minimal disruption to your home life. In fact, Equinox can be installed in as little as 48 hours. It’s the perfect replacement for a tired looking traditional conservatory roof, or to turn a new conservatory into a year round living space.

No job is too small

Equinox isn’t just a great system for conservatory roofs either. This versatile solution can also be used to transform flat roofs – whether you are building a new extension or you have an existing flat roof that’s ready for a change. In fact, no job’s too small for Equinox. Even porches can benefit from a contemporary makeover.

Complete installation in 48 hours

Why not book a survey today?

It couldn’t be easier to order a survey from a Eurocell approved Equinox installer. They’re thoroughly trained, 100% focused on quality and know our Equinox warm roof solutions inside-out. To find your nearest installer, or for more information about the Equinox system, call us today.

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Why not book a survey today?

Light weight, but no less light

When people first come across the idea of a tiled conservatory roof, they sometimes wonder whether they’ll be sacrificing all the light that’s a big part of the attraction of having a conservatory in the first place. With Equinox, the short answer is ‘no’. Eurocell engineers have specially designed Equinox so it can have generous rooflights built in. These allow natural daylight to flood into your conservatory, even as you enjoy all the benefits of an insulating solid conservatory roof.

At the same time, they keep the temperature down in the summer because the glass we fit into them is treated with a special finish to reduce heat and glare. And they prevent heat escaping in winter because they’re made to the same extremely high energy efficiency standards as every other Eurocell product.

Even at night, Equinox expands your options for illumination. Concealed lighting can be fitted behind a generous pelmet, allowing you to set the mood of the evening just the way you like. Or, you can choose recessed spotlights – dimmable, of course – set into the modern plasterboard or tongue and groove wood panelling of your conservatory ceiling. You could even opt for a centrepiece downlight or a chandelier or two! That’s the beauty of Equinox; a transformational solid conservatory roof that helps you create an elegant, beautifully lit space and adds a whole new style focus to your interior.

Transform your conservatory roof in under 48 hours.

Equinox is precision engineered and prefabricated in our factory to fit the exact size and shape of your conservatory with millimetre precision. That means it’s compatible with all types of conservatory, whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian, a small lean or an extravagant P-shaped design. It can even accommodate hipped and mono-pitch roofs with no problem at all. Whatever the construction, Equinox fits to transform your under-used space into a smart and stylish solid roof conservatory.

Another advantage of pre-fabrication is the speed your new roof goes up compared to traditional methods. Once your Eurocell approved installer gives us the measurements from their detailed survey, we’ll manufacture the complete system in our quality controlled UK factory. Then we supply them with a complete Equinox ‘kit’ that contains everything they need, down the last little nut, bolt and screw.

There’ll be no cement mixing or sawing on site. No lorries backing up your drive to drop off timbers, tiles and insulation. Just quick, efficient, modern building methods that will see your old conservatory roof dismantled and taken away, and your new Equinox roof in place in as little as 48 hours.

When you cover your conservatory with Equinox, you’re covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Like all Eurocell products and systems, Equinox comes with a full 10-year guarantee to cover its every component and design. You can enjoy the extra space and comfort your new year-round living space gives you, safe in the knowledge you’re fully protected from eaves to ridge tiles. And not just that¬ – we even provide a warranty of 50 years on some of our Equinox roof tiles!

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