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Creating a perfect finish in a bathroom with Eurocell's UPVC Roomline Skirting

17 April 2015

Roomline in bathroom

Having previously lived in a city centre apartment, Lauren Hinchliffe couldn’t believe her luck when she found an idyllic country cottage in one of the most beautiful parts of England. Location and style couldn’t have been better, and with a few simple home improvements, the cottage would soon be picture postcard perfect.

“As soon as we saw the place we knew it was just what we were looking for,” said Lauren. “Apart from a few, relatively minor improvements, it would be so much better than the hustle and bustle of living in a city centre.”

One of the first tasks was a new bathroom upstairs and refurbishment of the shower room downstairs. All homes face the issue of intermittent warm, humid environments in bathrooms, made worse in this case by large radiators that compounded the constant changes in temperature.

Lauren was concerned that the fluctuations in temperature and humidity would result in cracking and warping of timber skirting in the newly refurbished bathrooms. That would mean flaking paint and the subsequent need for ongoing maintenance. The previous owners obviously understood the issue, as there was no skirting fitted when Lauren and her partner moved into the property – the tiles were simply fitted directly up to the plastered walls which, although contemporary, didn’t really suit the traditional style of the cottage.

Lauren added: “We were looking to create a bathroom scheme that would suit the property and adding the traditional skirting boards was a way of complementing the overall look. I saw the new Roomline PVC-U skirting system offered by Eurocell on their website and thought that it would be ideal for my home.”

An advanced new skirting and architrave system, Roomline has been specifically designed for hassle-free, quick installation. And, being made from PVC-U, means that it is durable and ultra-low maintenance - making it suitable for use anywhere in the home, including warm, wet, humid bathrooms.

Roomline creates a perfect finish every time by avoiding the time-consuming process of having to sand and paint timber or MDF alternatives. A series of clever joints and trims simply slot together to form perfect 90 degree angles for architraves and skirting - minimising the tricky and laborious task of mitring corners – making it a no-hassle product for DIY’ers as well as professional installers.

“Initially our bathroom fitter was a bit sceptical about Roomline as he hadn’t used it before,” explained Lauren. “His first reaction was that it was slightly more expensive than timber however, once he realised how easy it was to install and the fact that he didn’t have to sand and paint it like timber, he calculated that it actually saved him time and money in the long run. More importantly, the ultra low-maintenance of PVC-U was a massive selling point for us. My partner and I both have demanding jobs and the last thing we want to do is spend our weekends repairing and glossing skirting boards!”

The installer explains: “As I hadn’t used Roomline before I was a bit unsure about it at first. However, the fact that the clever jointing system and trims simply slot together meant I avoided the tricky and laborious task of mitring corners.”He added: “I estimate that Roomline can be fitted in half the time of timber or MDF skirting, because there is no need to mitre corners and it can simply be fixed to the wall with everyday contact adhesives – no drilling or screwing is needed. What makes it even better is that, being fully finished, there is no need for sanding or painting.”The installer also saved time on the job by getting the Roomline skirting delivered direct to site free of charge from the local Eurocell branch in York.

Once installed, Roomline provides a durable and scratch resistant surface that solves the age-old tedium of having to carry out regular maintenance and re-painting on timber or MDF room trims. All that is needed is a wipe over with a damp cloth to restore its pristine appearance.

A PVC-U gasket on the underside face of Roomline between the floor and the skirting board improves air tightness and reduces uncomfortable draughts. The space behind the gasket can be used as a neat cable tidy solution for low-voltages cables in areas such as the living room.

Roomline is offered in traditional White Satin, English Oak and Anthracite Grey finishes. The board is made from recycled PVC-U, making it equal to timber in terms of sustainability.All 200-plus Eurocell Building Plastics branches nationwide stock Roomline.

Lauren concludes, “It’s great when a product does exactly what it’s supposed to do – and Roomline looks as good today as the day it was fitted – that’s something that you don’t get with timber of MDF skirtings!”

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