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For five decades, we’ve served fabricators, installers, and specifiers across the UK.

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Last year we recycled 3,000,000 window frames, showing our commitment to sustainable home improvement.

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We offer our fabricators the widest range of systems in the UK and the technical support to back it up.

Long-lasting UPVC Fascias and Soffits

Finish your roofing project with Eurocell’s low maintenance fascias and soffits. We manufacture all our products exclusively in the UK, and we’ve worked closely with installers for over 45 years to develop a long-lasting, easy-to-install system that protects against the British weather.

Bestsellers in Fascia & Soffits

Fascia Boards

Ideal for new-build or existing properties, our fascia boards fit directly onto roof rafters and come in three different styles. Strong, quick to install and fit directly onto roof rafters. Plus, colour matching to all of our roofline products.

Capping Boards

Prevent damage to fascias and soffits with colour-matched UPVC capping boards, all guaranteed for 20 years. It’s a fresh look that doesn’t deteriorate. A brilliant and cost-effective alternative to freshen up a home's exterior. Boasting easy-clean and powerful protection.

Finishing Trims

Precision-engineered joint trims, corner trims, angle trims, edge trims, finials, and ventilators. It’s everything you need – all manufactured to the highest quality. They also perfectly complement our fascia, soffits, window and door systems with colour matching.

Soffit Boards

Enjoy a 20-year guarantee on utility, vented, and hollow soffit boards. All are available in eight different widths (150mm-450mm). Built-in ventilation slots keep air flowing and prevent damp or rot from forming. No painting required with our colour matched trims, fixing pins, and sealants.

Ventilators and Accessories

Choose from a range of soffit and over-fascia vents to keep the air flowing. Easy installation and long-lasting performance comes as standard.

Protection against the elements

They might not grab the headlines like a new door or window, but UPVC fascias and soffits offer crucial protection for some of a home’s most vulnerable elements. Old, rotted or unsuitable fascias and soffits can lead to internal problems with damp and even unwanted wildlife. With Eurocell UPVC fascias and soffits, your home is always ready to face the best - and worst! - of the British weather.

Watch our fascia, soffits and guttering video

Installing our roofline products is easy, just watch our installers and learn more about the products at the same time! Look at those beautiful finishes, with various colours shown. Want to know more about installation? We have guides in our technical hub >

  • Perfect for replacing timber fascias
  • No warping, cracking or discolouration
  • Guaranteed up to 20 years
  • No repainting... ever!

Technical Hub

Check product specification and detail at our comprehensive Technical Hub. Packed with spec sheets, CAD drawings, range guides, BIM files, and certifications, it’s the ultimate resource for making sure your next project goes without a hitch.

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The Bloor Group: “It made a huge difference to our sourcing operations.” The enduring quality of Eurocell’s UPVC roofline products - including fascia, soffit, and capping boards - and window finishing trims has been recognised by The Bloor Group, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned house-building firms.

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Fascias and Soffits: Everything you need to know

When it comes to creating the perfect roofline, fascias and soffits are essential. But many homeowners might not be familiar with the difference between the two – or why they are needed in the first place. This article will give you all the information you need about why investing in good fascia and soffit boards is essential property maintenance.

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Fascia & Soffits FAQs

At Eurocell, we’re always happy to help. Check these FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about fascia and soffits. We’ve listened to your most popular queries and gathered some helpful links and information. If your question remains unanswered, contact us today and one of our experts will give you everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you look at fascias and soffits?
Good fascias and soffits add kerb appeal and value to your property. They are also essential for maintaining the long-term health of your roof and roofline. They offer protection from the elements, ensuring roof tiles, guttering and rafters all remain in as good a condition as possible, for as long as possible.
What is a fascia board and soffit?
Fascia boards are fixed to the bottom edge of your roof at the front and rear of your house. Soffits are the boards that fit between the fascia and your home’s exterior wall. Fascia boards run parallel to your home’s exterior walls. Soffits run parallel to the floor.
What do fascia board and soffits do?
Fascia boards and soffits play an essential role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your roofline.
Fascias, in particular, are key to long-lasting roofs. They hold the bottom row of roof tiles in place, provide a solid base on which to fix guttering, and stop the exposed ends of your rafters from absorbing water (which can lead to damaging damp and rot).
Meanwhile, soffits protect rafter feet from rain and moisture, seal the roof space so birds and rodents can’t find their way into your roof and build nests inside your property. The final consideration with soffits is to ensure that you have adequate ventilation. Without good airflow, damp and condensation can build up inside and have just as damaging an effect as water that penetrates your roof from the outside.
Why should you buy building plastics online from Eurocell?
Eurocell is the UK’s leading UPVC manufacturer, distributor, and recycler. So when you buy building plastics from us, you can be guaranteed their quality and performance. You’re also choosing the environmentally-friendly option. Eurocell has invested millions of pounds into creating one of the most sustainable UPVC systems in the UK. Our knowledgeable customer service team can help you understand the different products and options available to you. We can deliver across mainland UK or you can also collect your order directly from any of our 200+ branches.
Are Eurocell UPVC fascia boards quick to install?
Yes. Each fascia board fits directly onto a property’s roof rafters. An experienced installer will find them very easy to fit, making the project quick to complete.
Do Eurocell UPVC fascias and soffits come in the same colours as other Eurocell roofline products?
Yes. All our UPVC fascias and soffits are a guaranteed colour-match with our other roofline products, and our window and door ranges. So you’re guaranteed a seamless, coordinated look that will maximise the property’s kerb appeal and aesthetic allure.
Do you offer different fascia boards designs?
Yes. Our UPVC fascias are available in three different designs, giving you the best possible option for the unique characteristics of your property. If you have a traditional home, our standard fascia board provides a classic look. If you have a new build or a property that incorporates more modern architectural elements, then our ogee-style fascia boards may be the best fit. And if you are really determined to catch the eye, consider the curved edge of our bull-nose fascia boards.
Do you offer different soffit board designs?
Yes. Our UPVC soffits are available in three different styles, each of which features built-in ventilation slots. For a classic look, choose our standard soffit boards. If maintaining the airflow is a priority, our vented soffit boards provide extra air circulation. Or if you are operating on a tighter budget, our hollow soffit boards are both lightweight and cost effective.
In what sizes are UPVC fascia boards available?
Our UPVC fascia boards come in eight different sizes, ranging from 150mm all the way to 450mm. Browse the complete range online to get the full details.
How many different colour options are there?
Eurocell UPVC fascias and soffits are available in eight different colours, each specifically designed to maximise a property’s appeal.
Do UPVC fascias and soffits come with a guarantee?
Eurocell’s UPVC fascias and soffits have a 20-year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration, giving you long-term peace of mind about their enduring performance.

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